Make Sure To Take Care Of Your Teeth Before You Lose Them

We only get one set of teeth.  These are our adult teeth that we have growing in around age seven.  Before that we have our baby teeth that we learn to chew and consume food with.  When our adult teeth come in it will be very important that we go to the dentists on a regular basis.  For this, locate an orthodontist near me baldwin park ca and make an appointment to see them. 

Brush your teeth

Step one in your oral care is to brush your teeth.  You will want to brush your teeth several times a day.  Use a fresh tooth brush every three to six months and use enough toothpaste to cover the bristles of the brush.

If you fail to brush your teeth, the food particles will remain on your teeth causing decay.  If this happens your teeth will begin to fall out of your mouth causing you pain and discomfort.

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If your teeth rot out of your head you will be looking at getting dentures.  Dentures are fake teeth that will look and act just like our normal teeth.  Depending on how bad our teeth are at this point you may need to get a full set of dentures or a partial set.  With dentures you will be paying a lot of money for them and will need to care for them just as much as you do your regular teeth.


You will need to floss your teeth as well.  The process of flossing is done to remove food particles that are found between your teeth.  This should be done either before or after you brush. 


Finally, mouthwash is used to get rid of all of the other stuff brushing and flossing leave behind.  Combining all three will also help ensure that your mouth and teeth are getting an overall deep clean.