Preparing for a Professional Facial

Everyone has heard different tips and activities to keep you relaxed and promote self-care, but one underrated self-care activity is getting a facial done by a professional. Whether you’ve had a facial before or not, you may find it useful to look at how to prepare for your appointment and get the best results possible.

Be Comfortable

It’s not a fashion show, so you don’t have to worry about looking your best. Instead, dress comfortably in clothing that you can easily change into and out of.

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Don’t Worry About Make-Up

It’s up to you whether or not you wear make-up to your appointment, but it won’t make a difference no matter what you do. Your esthetician will need to clean your face as part of your treatment, so your face will be fresh and clear.

Skip DIY Facials

The week before your scheduled facial, try to avoid applying harsh chemicals or exfoliants to your face. The professional performing your facial treatment will exfoliate your skin for you, so there’s no need to do it yourself.

Avoid Sunlight

It can seem silly to restrict your outdoor activities, but when you’re planning on getting a spa facial treatment denver residents may want to limit your exposure to the sun and protect your skin using sunscreen and protective lotions. You should also avoid tanning, as sun damage can sometimes lead to unpleasant reactions or results.

Know Your Skincare

In some cases, your esthetician may ask what products you use when taking care of your skin at home. It’s recommended that you know these products, or keep a list of them, and provide your skin expert with the necessary information needed to enhance your facial experience.

Your skin can look glowing and beautiful after a facial, especially if you prepare. Keep these tips in mind and make sure that you are ready to go when scheduling your next facial.